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Trouble removing completed date for a merit badge requirement

I accidentally marked a merit badge requirement as complete. (i.e. marked 2a as complete and meant to mark 1). I’ve followed the instructions to click on the requirement, remove the date and uncheck the “counselor approved” box and then click save, however, I get the error: You can not edit this merit badge requirement because it is already approved. It only has the green check and not the yellow or blue yet and I’m the merit badge counselor that marked it as completed. I have no idea how to correct the mistakenly approved requirement. Any help is greatly appreciate.

sometimes you have to remove approve > Save > then remove date > save

Thank you. I tried removing the check box next to “Counselor approved” and then tried saving but I get the same error.

is the whole MB approved?

No. He contacted me with a partial approval from his summer camp last year. I wanted to mark in scoutbook, which items were already completed and approved so it was easier for us to track the ones that he has left to work on. I marked requirement 2a as completed, but meant to mark 1 as completed. He has not completed 2a yet, and I want to remove the “completed” date and check mark for that item.

I had the same issue. trying to remove a requirement, and I was unable to uncheck the box. The only thing I was able to do was change the date, but not remove my approval.

EDIT: I cant reply to this post anymore, but I have been able to remove the requirement in question in the past few days. @DonovanMcNeil @LisaMohr

OK I have reproduced this issue and sent it to developers - I am playing with finding a work around

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