Unable to Remove Erroneous Merit Badge Completion Date

PID 124924646 UID 2374485

Communication MB

Merit Badge Counselor incorrectly marked MB complete while attempting to mark requirement 1 complete. MBC attempted, but could not remove the date.

Unit Leader (moi) also attempted to remove date using several different approaches, including removing the MBC and assigning myself as MBC, to no avail.

When I attempted to reconnect the old MBC, it did uncover that the MBC was no longer appearing on the MBC list in our council (perhaps this was the cause of the issue??). I contacted our registrar to fix, and the MBC record is now showing. Old MBC is now reassigned as MBC.

Any wisdom on how to remove incorrect completion dates on MB’s? I researched old threads and saw this issue several times, and tried all fixes offered.

@ScouterRob - perhaps this may help:

Stephen, tried that…do you want me to attempt it a tenth time, and detail the exact steps I use?

There is a fix coming out for it - you can always click the PERCENT box and click REMOVE MERIT BADGE and start all over

So, throw out the baby with the bath water…got it :wink:

@ScouterRob - sorry… thought it would help… but it appears to be a broader issue based on what Donovan has stated

Thanks, I apologize for being snarky…my frustration level is pretty high with Scoutbook issues, but I am deeply grateful for all you SUAC volunteers do. Please ignore my rudeness and keep fighting the good fight :wink:

@ScouterRob - I totally understand… been there done that and may have the tee shirt :slight_smile:

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