Can't remove pack from My Dashboard > My Units

I am a currently active with Pack 405 in San Antonio, TX and a former Unit Commissioner for Pack 3803 (member ID 124298432). When I look at My Dashboard > My Units, Pack 3803 still shows up even though it’s an inactive pack – there are no leaders and no scouts listed. However as the pack admin for Pack 3803 for Scoutbook, it still shows up. I tried to end my membership but it said there had to be another pack admin. I then tried to disapprove myself without putting an end date. Now, Pack 3803 still shows up, but I no longer have access to the pack admin settings. Can my profile (or the pack profile) be updated so it no longer shows up in My Dashboard > My Units? Thank you.

@RaymondWei this should be fixed - you might have to log out and back in

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