How do I delete units that no longer exists?

I have a number of units (17 in all) that I am the only one on that unit as the Admin with no other people. The units no longer exist. I would like to remove them from my Dashboard so I only have the ones that I am involved with.

17! There must be some interesting story there!

I think you would just end your membership in each.
My Dashbaord>My Account>My Positions. Put an end date in each position you hold with each of the units you are no longer associated with.

not that easy - all units have one surviving admin - that is why making yourself a hanging admin is bad practice. @RichardMacbeth I can start a private message to help you out if you want

@ DonovanMcNeil Yes if you please. You can email me at

Matt, these were LDS units that dropped off, I was the Asst. Council Commissioner over all these units and I also was admin since I was the only one that new Scoutbook (since the start of Scoutbook) and was the person that also did support for them. I am still involved with scouting as the District Commissioner and now only work with 2 units. At one time I had up to 22 units.

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