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Can't select a calendar from Android device

I’ve been using Scoutbook pretty much since it was available for us to use. I used to be able to create an event from my phone, but in the last few weeks it seems that the ability to select a particular calendar, or any calendar for that matter, doesn’t work.
Steps I take;
Click on create new event.
Under calendar it says to choose one or more calendars. I select that box and the 4 calendars we have display. I try to select any of them, nothing happens, doesn’t highlight, doesn’t show a check box, nothing.

I can enter text into the Name, Locations, Location Map, change the date/time etc, but without being able to select a calendar, I can’t continue. I’ve even tried to put the browser (Chrome) into desktop mode, still no change.

Anything else I should try?

It works for you from a desktop computer?

Yep. Works perfect on a desktop.

Guess there was another topic back in December for the exact same thing, but doesn’t look like it was fixed.

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