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Often can't select Calendar value On Edit Event page

Adding an Event to the Calendar. In some instances of selecting the “Calendar” field it is nearly impossible to select a choice. This field looks the same but operates different than the Event Type where you sort of scroll to the choice and then click Set. In the Calendar field you have to click on the choice and often it takes many clicks in a number of spots on the same row to finally select. Using Firefox on Windows 10.

@DavidForseth - I am using firefox on win10 and do not see those issues. I will try again later today and see if my experience remains as it has been.

@DavidForseth - I just entered an event for the pack and no issues at all in selecting the pack from my overall list of units and sub units.

I added some events last night and did not see a problem. However I went to test it again tonight and seeing the same issue again with the Calendar field. For one Event it took about 20 seconds before a click finally picked the second choice in the list (I have Pack, Troop, and then 3 Patrols in the selection list). I have a video recording of this, but it doesn’t appear I can attach an MP4 file.

@DavidForseth When you go to:

  1. Troop Roster page
  2. Click on your name

How many Troop Admin positions do you see for Troop 77?

There are Troop Admin positions for me both in the same Troop. They have different start dates. I’m not sure why there are two.

@DavidForseth Try ending one of the Troop Admin positions. Maybe that will help.

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