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Not a public one, @RyanHendrickson.

Why isn’t there a published list of known bugs? That would save a lot of time.

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I don’t disagree, but the BSA has repeatedly declined requests for a public bug list.

I am unable to add my son’s profile pic. Mac OS Catalina, Chrome Version 105.0.5195.102 (Official Build) (x86_64). Attempting to add photo on, click his name, it shows I have “full control”, expected behavior is that I could click the placeholder pic to upload, and/or click “edit profile”…but there is no option to upload a pic.

Also unable to add the Scout’s profile pic using the Scouting App. In this case, there is a camera button to select a phone from the iPhone library, but it fails to upload (Error updating profile picture)
iPhone Xr, iOS 15.5

Please let me know when fixed, thank you.

Please read this thread. It will say a) this is a known bug and b) you can sign up to get updates to Scoutbook/IA that have bug fixes and new features, but you shouldn’t count on this thread being updated with an update.

The SUAC folks are generally pretty good about trying to post to the various related threads about issues that get fixed, but so many threads “wander” to different topics/issues that it’s easy to miss some.

The best way to track when issues get fixed is to subscribe to the change log forums. You can subscribe to a forum by navigating to the “bell” notification icon and setting your preference to “Watching”:


When you set it to “watching”, you will get a message sent to the email associated with the discourse forum account for each message posted to the forum. It’s pretty low-traffic, so it’s not a big imposition to watch them.


I am also unable to add a photo to my childs account.

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@LindseyBriskie This is a known bug for everyone.

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How does this fall on priority list?

The priority list isn’t shared. So, we won’t know until it is done.

My observations: when there is a bug or a broken feature, it is a top priority. These seem to come faster and sooner than other general improvements. Some of the broken features came about when they moved the interface of the account details for the Scoutbook look and feel to the new (more maintainable for the programmers, which is good for us) Internet Advancement look and feel. So, I am assuming these are near the top of the list. They clearly haven’t said that this feature is going away, so I hope it will be fixed soon. I read each Wednesday night list of bug fixes and features like a small Christmas gift.

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Where can I sign-up to get up updates about the profile photo being fixed?

Where do you see the list of bug fixes each Wednesday night?

@RyanHendrickson Charley @CharleyHamilton posted some good instructions on how to subscribe to the change logs:

@JenniferOlinger Thanks for the easy instructions! I’ve become a watcher on those four.

Seeing that you are a SUAC member, I’d offer that I believe a quarterly roadmap and annual vision is more than reasonable for a non-profit organization with a majority volunteer corps for adult service & leadership to scouts.

I’d think having a public (or login-required) issue tracking system for Scoutbook (and the other major tech platforms of BSA) would provide great motivation to the volunteer corps to report bugs and vote for requested features. Things like active priorities, fixes, and known issues is an easy way to show feedback is valued and incorporated into future releases.


This is not just a small glitchy issue. My son wants a photo that represents his current age, not him several years ago. Image is important to growing teens. They don’t want to have everyone in the troop associating them with an elementary age photo.

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I am a current scout and I feel extremely frustrated by this. I have tried multiple ways to edit my profile picture on scoutbook, however, I keep getting redirected to internet advancement. I managed to edit my profile picture on internet advancement, however, I discovered that my internet advancement and scoutbook profiles are not linked; whatever changes I make to one are not reflected on the other.

Please please PLEASE fix this bug.

The original issue of not being able to upload a photo was fixed on Nov 1. I’ve asked the developers to look into why it doesn’t get applied to scoutbook.

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I already mentioned that I have edited the picture on internet advancement, I just need the picture on scoutbook to update along with it. Thanks for helping me to reach out to the devs.

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I’m a Troop Admin for my son’s troop. When I try to edit a scout’s profile to add their profile picture, it takes me to Internet Advancement and I click on “Change Profile Picture.” After uploading the picture and modifying the crop, I click on “Save.” This error message immediately pops up:

Error Logged-in user does not have access to this API

Should I have access to add/change scout profile pics? I was able to when the function was within Scoutbook.

BTW, when Scoutbook first takes me to Internet Advancement, I get this error:

Logged-in User does not have authority to view advancement import files for this unit.

Not sure if those error messages are related.


I’m having the same error “Logged-in user does not have access to this API” trying to update photos for scouts in my control. I’m logged in as an ASM and can make other edits to my troop like creating events and logging camping nights, etc. Photos does not seem to be fixed yet.