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Change Birthday


I hate to say that our last Committee Chair made a mistake in imputing my son’s birthday. He was listed as a Weblo when he was really a Lion.

We got it straight with council, but I cannot change it in his Scout Book profile. I have Parent, plus Admin rights. My wife is the new CC, and she cannot change it with her admin either.


Scoutbook home page > My Dashboard > your Pack > Lion Den

Go to the Lion den; at the bottom of the scout list click reassign scouts;choose your son; click invite. This will end his membership as a Webelos and start his membership in the Lion den.

Then go to his Membership tab and correct the start date for his joining the Lion den and delete the incorrect Webelos membership.

If your scout does not have a green shield, correct this first by opening his current membership and approving it.

We moved him to the lion den. Unable to change his birthday.

The birthday field is locked in Scoutbook. You need to send an e-mail to with the Scout’s name, BSA#, council and unit and correct date of birth and ask that it be changed to match the value in ScoutNET.

I just tried it on my son. I could change his birthday. I have pack admin rights.

I have emailed support.

Thank you .

Support took care of it.

Thank you.