Change event after RSVP Date

Created an event in Scoutbook and turned on RSVP to get a head count. Due to some leader conflicts we have to go with alternate dates completely. Now I need to remove that event completely or change it but cannot for my life figure out any mechanism to update or turn off RSVP. Any ideas am i just missing something?

@AmyMitchell1 - just click on edit event when you are looking at it.

If you just change the date in the Edit Event interface, the existing RSVPs will move with it, and you could ask folks to update their RSVP status based on the new date

If you want the RSVPs to go away, turn them off, set the new date, save the event, then turn the RSVPs back on. That should clear them all, but in any case you can clear them manually from inside the Edit Event interface as @Stephen_Hornak noted.

ETA: Oops. Apparently I was wrong about what the effect of turning off the RSVPs would do.

A unit admin can change rsvp’d for any invitee.

I don’t actually think turning rsvp off and back would clear them.

You’re right! I thought I had done this before, but apparently my brain is playing tricks on me.

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This behavior allows a “hack” where you can turn off RSVP, but it keeps the choices people made. I don’t do that since I am a nervous nillie. I’m worried they would get lost, but I don’t believe they do.

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This is my problem, I have no access to edit at all and am a Pack admin.

There is no way to edit my event all all.

@AmyMitchell1 - so you do see it in the calendar… if you click on it what happens ?

If you can get to the full calendar view, click on the event in question and you should see the edit line below the event info.

Did you create the event? If the event has two units invited, and you aren’t an admin in both, then you can’t edit even if you are admin in one.

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@Matt.Johnson - excellent point that i totally missed.

This can be caused by the multiple unit invite issue as noted above, or by an occasional"invisible" glitch where your unit admin role looks ok, but has dropped behind the scenes.

Try going to:
Scoutbook → My Dashboard → Administration → My Units → Unit Roster → your name

Then, select your unit admin role, open it and re-save. Sometimes this jogs the system to get the role back in line. It is path dependent, however, so yo you can’t just go to My Positions and toggle it there.

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