Request to handle RSVPs differently in the new calendar

I am really liking the new calendar – thank you for working on it!

I’d like to make a request. For our unit, we initially want RSVPs, but then we need to disable them at a certain point because some events cannot grow at the last minute or there’s a max headcount.

Outside of running an RSVP report (which is nice for certain needs, but it’s a lot of clicks and configuration), you have to go into edit mode and toggle RSVPs on or off to be able to see who has RSVP’d. This is awkward when you just want a quick look.

Perhaps the RSVP state includes enabled, disabled, and closed. Closed means RSVPs were enabled and they have since closed. When closed, you can look at the participant list right in the event window, you can see the yes/no/maybes. You don’t need to jump out to an RSVP report.

Thanks for considering.

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@HeatherLeRoy this is already in the backlog - we do not know if or when it will be worked


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