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RSVP Registration end date

Is there a way or will there be a way, to end the registration for events using the calendar?
We are trying to get our parents/scouts to register by a certain day, so as not to register anytime they feel like it. We want the Scouts, SPL, PLs, to have the registration information for everyone at least a week in advance, so they can properly plan, for the event.

I searched the forum and all I come up with is a “work around” from 3 years ago.


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That has not changed. The request has not bubbled to the top of the priority list.

This would be great. To be able to “close” the TDVP like one does with registrations.

What is the work around? We just try to remember to say “RSVPs must be made by x date”.

How can we get it boosted up on the list? This seems like a relatively easy fix to make and would have a tremendous impact.

Hopefully it can be implemented soon.
I haven’t tried it yet, but a work around may be, after you make your roster, and I found an easy way to do that, to change the date of the event to the desired cut off date, when that date arrives, then, the event should go into the attendance mode. If you really wanted to, you could also copy the event to the correct date, then not enable rsvps.

Speaking of making a roster, is there a way that the rsvp builder can be made into either an excel file or csv file?

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