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Change My Email Address for Forums

How do I change the email address that the Scouting Forums send my notifications to? I already updated my email address at my.scouting.org and scoutbook.com (months ago), but the forums are still using my old address.


I understood that a change of e-mail in my.scouting.org is supposed to be pushed to the forums. I have asked the developers for help solving your issue.

Click on your avatar in the top right corner of the discourse forum window. Select Preferences from the menu. Your email address can be set from there.

Not the case for me. On my profile page it says…

Email can be updated from SSO provider. Never shown to the public.

And now I just noticed… I updated my email on my.scouting.org months ago, but the forum still has my old address as well. (They both go to the same inbox, so I never realized it hadn’t changed.)

My apologies. I hadn’t noticed that had changed at some point. I know I’ve reset my email before, and don’t recall having gone through my.scouting to do so.

The SSO developers are looking into this.

this issue has been going on since 2019
Im still dealing with it