Old email address pulled from my.Scouting SSO to Discourse

Hi, is anyone able to help correct the email address associated with my Discourse account on this forum?

I logged in with my.Scouting authentication/SSO with an active account there, and my Discourse account was created with an email address that I haven’t used on my.Scouting for several years, and doesn’t show up in the profile on that system.

Within this Discourse forum, email addresses can’t be changed, profiles only show “Email can be updated from authentication provider.”

I tried emailing mystsupport@scouting.org, but it appears that team has been unable to support volunteers via that email address since 2020.

Thank you!


I sent you a private message so you can provide your desired e-mail address. The SUAC is able to change the address used by Discourse. Click on the yellow circle with white A in the upper left corner of your forum window.

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