Changing email for Scout Book users

Hello! I have several members of Pack 153 and Troop 153 who do not have an email attached to their account. They have the message where their email should be.

In Internet Advancement, though, their emails are listed.

Person 1:
SB User ID: 10823054
BSA Member ID: 134118504

Person 2:
SB User ID: 11446233
BSA Member ID:13604899

Person 3:
SB User ID: 11396842
BSA Member ID: 13585879

Also, the 3rd person has the error message that another account shares her email.

Can you please advise?

Thanks so much,

Michelle, Troop 153

@MichelleBlake They most likely have duplicate Scoutbook accounts. I am checking.

@MichelleBlake These should all be fixed.

Person 1 needs to log in with her my.scouting user name – not her e-mail address.

Many thanks for the speedy response, Jennifer!

Take care,


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