1 email address , 2 scoutbook accounts

I’m not sure how to find the details for the one I need but the one I can access is

SB ID: 12124313

BSA Member ID:


The member is for the other is 5366272

@JeffArnold1 this is fixed for you to log in to the right leader and parent account

I created an account before my leader entered our application so I’m getting the multiple email error message. I do not need the account for BSA Member ID 14308160.

@ChadBrown2 it is 3 different names - I assume - you, wife, and Scout - do you just want the email cleared from 2 of them?

Yes it is 3 different names. If clearing out the other 2 fixes the error then that works for me.

@ChadBrown2 ok I cleared email off your Scouts and your account (as it is your wife’s email - figured that was cleanest) - you can add one back for you under Edit Profile

I have the same problem. My wife has two accounts linked to one email. She has a SB account that was made with her email and a SB that was made with her username. The username account is linked to our kids and also linked to her MyScouting training. Can the old account be removed and just her current account remain. the current account is SB User ID: 11419137 BSA Member ID: 131969523. Also, SB wont let us update her email from changeyouremail@scouting.org.

Troy Perez


I was unable to find a 2nd account but I was able to put her gmail account on the Scoutbook account you indicated above. Your kids are connected to this account.

Log in to Scoutbook with your my.scouting.org ID, not an email address.

This is the old account.

SB User ID:
BSA Member ID:

@DonovanMcNeil, Can you help me? When I log into SB I have the notice: “Warning, another user is using this same e-mail address…” I do have two member ID’s that I have connected in my.scouting (13521472 and 110378221) and have only ever used one email address in SB, though I show up twice on two of my boys’ accounts. It would be great if I could clean this all up. Please let me know if you need me to post my email address or if you can already see it in the system.

Thank you!

@JamesClarkson this is all fixed

Same here. Just started doing this which is odd. I only have one scoutbook account. My id is
sb user id 1202927
bsa member id 133442855


I get the same notification of another user using same email. SB User ID: 5874932, BSA Member ID: 110325201. Thanks in advance for the help.

@JasonHagemann this is fixed it was on your childs account

@JonathonPeterson this is fixed it was on your childs account

We have an adult that is on his third council and second state and has two or three BSA IDs. He is registered as an ASM in the current Troop with 137164227. He just connected to it in Scoutbook yesterday from the Invite email. The account linked to his scout is 135733420 and that is where most of his training shows up. Both have the same email address. He needs to register for The National Jamboree and wants to make sure this is fixed, first.

@RyonMiro user needs to log into my.scouting.org > click Menu top left > Click Manage Member ID > one of the BSA # will be there marked PRIMARY > then add the other MID (BSA #) - you want to make the one that is your unit registration PRIMARY > Then go to Scoutbook.com and log in using your my.scouting.org credentials

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@RyonMiro I see at least 5 BSA #s for the user searching by email - all can be managed in the way above but there is a name variation - if he knows what user name he wants to keep I can manage them all under that username.

@DonovanMcNeil I think he tried that method and got an error of some sort. Should he give you the username before he tries those steps, again?

Hello, I also have 2 scoutbook accounts. Please help!