Email correction

Good morning.
The following user can not get into scoutbook due to not having access to an old email account. Would you kindly reset his email so he can access the account? YIS.

BSA ID 116088640
Member ID 4093441
Wrong email: (removed)
Correct: (removed)

I think the best fix in this situation is for them to go to and create a new account using the same info that is in Scoutbook. It should match them up - that will give them a log in. Not sure if just changing the email will give them access.

Even if he has an active account with all the correct information in it?

If he has that - he can use it to log into scoutbook and change the email

Thanks. We’ll give that a try.


I have a warning that another user is using my email and cannot correct my email. This is likely due to me being in there twice. Note: I am a scout dad and leader and my son has nearly the same name and somehow his email is attached to my profile. I’m the 4th and he is the 5th(suffix) but I go by Tom Scarborough.

SB User ID:
BSA Member ID:

We have wrestled with getting this correction of me having multiple listings for years and mostly have given up however I don’t get my email notifications about committee meetings to my email (removed by Moderator). My other listing must not have me as a committee member.

Could you possibly help?


Tom (Ramsey Scarborough IV)
(removed by Moderator)

@DonovanMcNeil can you help Tom with this?

@RamseyScarborough1 I have updated your e-mail address at my.scouting, Scoutbook, and here in the forums.

You had a duplicate Scoutbook account. Your Scoutbook accounts have been merged.


I see my email is fixed now.

This is very much appreciated.

Enjoy your week,


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