Forum/discussion profile email is incorrect

The email address on my “” profile is different than what is listed for my “” profile or Scoutbook profile. How can I change the discussions email, as what is listed is no longer a valid email and why I haven’t been getting notifications on replies to my posts. When I click the circle at the top right with my initial > person icon > Summary > Preferences, under Email it says, “Email can be updated from authentication provider. Never shown to the public.”

I thought that pushed from my.scouting to discourse. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe one of the admins has access to change this or force a sync. @edavignon, do you know anything about the email sync issue?

@ByronSah - I updated it to your bsah@ email

@DonovanMcNeil Thanks again. I hope it’s an eventual goal of BSA to combine profiles and not have information in three (or more) databases.

well this is a third party system for forums

Same but slightly diffent situation, sir. I do not receive notifications at all.

@Christopher.Schuster do you have notifications turned on? or do not disturb turned on?

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