Changing Merit badges assigned to Star and LIfe

I just took on the responsibility of the advancement chair. The troop I am in has not been using scout book until I just recently volunteered to. I am working my way through the troop scout by scout entering their merit badges and auditing ones enter by the council.

It was going fine until I started with the Star and LIfe scouts.
Issue: Their are merit badges that scout book assigned for Star and Life that don’t correlate with the scout’s physical book. I know how to delete a merit badge. I basically need to move merit badges from Star to Life and vice versa so it matches their physical scout book. Is this possible?

However, I am concerned about deleting a Merit badge that has counselors that are not in house. And I am worried that I will need to contact all of them to redo the merit badge.

What should I do to make these corrections?

Your help will be very much appreciated.

Scoutbook uses dates for merit badges for Star and Life - first earned, first used - you cannot change them unless you change the date which is not a good thing. As far as rank or Eagle it does not matter, all Eagle verifieres, just look at dates of Merit Badges.

Scoutbook assigns the MBs based on their completion date. There is no way to change this. It does not matter if the MBs recorded in the Scout’s handbook for Star and Life differ from Scoutbook. What is important is that the dates the Scout earned (completed) the MBs are correct.

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