Change which merit badges are assigned to Star, Life, Eagle

We have a Life Scout who transferred to our troop; we didn’t receive an existing Scoutbook profile, only a printed report listing his merit badges & ranks and when they were earned. Some merit badges he’s recenlty earned while part of our troop have been entered into his current Scoutbook profile. I’m currently in the process of entering merit badges and ranks earned with his previous troop(s) into Scoutbook, using the dates in the printed report. Scoutbook has attached one of the recently earned merit badges to Star. Scoutbook won’t let me mark his Star rank with the actual award date (in 2019) since one of the merit badges attached to Star was earned in 2021. How can I move the merit badges around so I can mark the Star (and then Life) ranks with the original award dates? He has (obviously) earned enough merit badges for Star & Life, I just need to be able to attach MBs earned in 2017 & 2018 to Star so I can get the Scoutbook profile caught up. Thanks!

Do you have the current and prior BSA IDs? If so, and you can post them (no names!), SUAC may be able to assist in getting things straightened out.

Generally speaking, though, have you gotten all of the MBs prior to the scout joining your unit entered along with their dates, and marked Leader Approved? That should be rearranging the MBs associated with each rank so that older badges are associated with “lower” ranks first, and newer badges get “bumped” the the “higher” ranks.


There is a very good chance this Scout has multiple Scoutbook accounts. We should be able to find them if you provide the BSA Member ID (no names). If you have an old and new BSA Member ID that would be idea, especially if the Scout has a common name.

The IDs are 135682624 (old) and 137252761 (new). The MBs are entered, along with the original completion date (though Scoutbook is also indicating them as Marked Completed and Approved as today, since I entered them today). Thanks for the help!


What I recommend we do is merge his Scoutbook accounts so that his records from Northwest Texas Council are retained and anything he has earned in Buffalo Trails Council is added. This will fix the MB assignment issue.

Because the merge process does not merge requirements, any award, rank or MB requirements marked complete by your unit would need to be added again. I do not see many requirements marked compete on this account so it may not be difficult to recrate them.

If you are OK with this, let me know and we can merge the accounts.

Pulling a Scout History report will retain all the MB req completions

If you’ve found multiple accounts, please merge them. I hadn’t found one, and (going from memory) had been told there wasn’t an existing account when he joined us. We typically only record completed merit badges and ranks in SB, and not individual requirements. Thanks again!

I recommend doing this for both BSA IDs, even if you don’t necessarily care about the individual requirements. One advantage is so you can backcheck after the merge to make sure everything when back as expected. It always has, as far as I know, but it’s cheap insurance.

Thanks. Should be covered…I have the old (non-Scoutbook) report from the previous units, and I have the advancement record from the current Scoutbook account. Thanks again!!

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@ThomasAlleman - in theory even if the prior unit(s) were not using scoutbook they should have either submitted advancement reports to Council or used Internet Advancement to record unit advancement so in theory it is on record somewhere.

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The accounts have been merged.

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