How do you change a merit badge listed under a rank advancement requirement?

How do I change a merit badge listed under (My Profile, Advancement, Star Scout Rank Requirements)? I have one listed there but want to replace it with another one that’s listed under Life Scout Rank Requirements. I am still working on both merit badges.

The merit badge will automatically change based on the one that is completed first.

Ok, thanks for your response.

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@MarcusWang For the merit badge that you want to move to Life rank, does it have any requirements marked as completed? If none of the requirements are marked off, you could remove the merit badge for now and add it back later.

I don’t see where I can remove a merit badge if none of the requirements have been marked as completed. Can you tell me how to do it?

@MarcusWang In Scoutbook, go to the merit badge requirements page of the merit badge that you want to remove. Click on the box next to “Percent Completed”, then click on “Remove Merit Badge”. Click on “Remove” to confirm.

It worked! Thank you for your expertise.

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