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Changing pack

I am currently listed as cub master for 3170 but we have moved on to another pack. how do I change my pack number in scoutbook I have tried everything.

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Hi, @MichaelThomas4,

You can put an end date on your position in My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Positions. That should terminate the position, but you might get dragged back in if your pack has not yet registered another person as Cubmaster.

You can also end your scout’s membership in the pack but going to My Dashboard -> My Family -> Scout’s Membership.

You can also add a youth membership in the new pack, although that will need to be approved by the unit.


thanks I will give that a try

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Also remember to submit a youth application to the new pack. Under the “To be completed by unit” section, make sure to fill in the circle next to “Transfer application” and include the Scout’s old BSA member number and former pack number and council name (if different).


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