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Transfer Cub to Troop and how to re-enter a boy you marked as ended

  1. So in another post I asked how to transfer cubs to troop. If i understood correctly (looking for verification) I need to go in to each boys profile and mark them with an end date and remove the approved position. This makes them disappear from the den and ready to be transfer the scout? Right?

  2. Then the troop goes in and does transfer scout but we need all the scouts info first to do this right?

  3. Last part of the question. I marked a scout as ended and removed the check for approved position and he totally disappeared. I can’t find him any where, how do i bring him back as i did not capture his BSA Number for the troops to transfer… I figured it was a search on the info you had not that you needed all the info.

There’s no need to do #1 if the troop is doing #2. They have an option to end existing memberships. However, I’ve found it much easier to just give the troop admin a full control connection to the scouts and let them add the membership to their troop for themselves from the scout’s page. That easier than looking up bsa member number, birthdate, and zip code for each scout.

If that scout isn’t under my dashboard > administration > my account > my connections, a key3 or key3 delegate can look up the scout’s info in member manager.

There are different ways you can transfer Scouts:

  1. As @jacobfetzer said, you can connect a Troop Admin to the Scout with Full Control permissions. The Troop Admin can then change the Scout’s membership to the troop.

  2. You can let the Membership Update change the membership. The Scout’s membership will be changed from the pack to the troop about 24-48 hours after the Scout’s paper transfer application is processed by the council.

  3. The troop can use the “Transfer In Scout” button that is available to Troop Admins on the Troop Roster screen. It does require them to have the BSA member number, date of birth, and zip code for each Scout. However, this information should be available to the troop as soon as the Scout’s family turns in the paper transfer application to the troop.

  4. You can update the Scout’s Membership yourself by putting an end date on the current membership with the pack. Important: Stay on the Scout’s Membership page and “+ Add” a new membership with the troop. If you do not stay on the Scout’s Membership page while ending the pack membership and adding the troop membership, the Scout will disappear from your roster. You do not need to disapprove the Scout’s position with the pack - putting a Date Ended on the membership is sufficient.

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SO it seems like it would just be the easiest for me to re-asign them to the Troop… The the troop can see them and add their connections from their??

@jacobfetzer I am a key 3 delegate in my.scouting… Exactly how do i return them to Scoutbooks. I have the kids in my.scouting so do i just add them as a new scout and it will sync over night all their awards?

If you look up their bsa member number, birthdate, and zip code, the troop can pull them in directly. That was my point. Alternatively, you could use that info to transfer them back into the pack.

Sorry i ment for the kid i lost. How do i load him back i to the pack

Please do not add them as a new Scout. They already have a record in Scoutbook, so adding them as a new Scout will create a duplicate record for the Scout.

On your other question, first check: My Dashboard -> My Account -> My Connections and see if you are still connected to the Scout. If you are still connected, then update the Scout’s Membership and remove the Date Ended on the membership with the pack. This will move the Scout back to the pack. If you are not connected, then try the “Transfer In Scout” button, as Jacob suggested.

Yep, that’s what I meant too

@JenniferOlinger @jacobfetzer Ahh Thanks I found him and put him back in the pack. The other one is showing assigned to Troop 624 and the connected to that scoutmaster so i think that worked.


One last follow up. The scout i transferred to Boy scout troop his payment log is blank so does the payment log not follow them? We use that to track their scoutbucks.

Correct. Payment log does not follow them. Very few units would honor the balance with another unit.

Then why have the instructions in Scoutbook been to do item #1? I am having the exact same issue and there is nothing I can do as a Key 3 to get this scout fully back into Scoutbook and set up connections with her in Scoutbook. I have tried everything from doing paperwork, to asking council staff to manually add her back in and repeated attempts by me to add her to our roster.

Where are the instructions you are referring to? As @JenniferOlinger outlined above, there are multiple ways to accomplish this. The option to transfer scouts in is a fairly new option and it’s possible some documentation has been missed.

There is obviously a bug that is severing connections too soon in the process. The developers are aware and will be looking into it.

In the meantime, are you in the transferring in or transferring out side? Have you tried the transfer scout in button at the bottom of your Scoutbook roster? What were the results of that?

@DavidLafko - what was your process in doing this. Go to Scout A end pack membership. Then immediately go to Scout B to end Pack membership?

@JohnSitzman Is this Scout on your unit’s Member Manager roster at my.scouting.org?

At the pack level I ended the scout in the pack side, then hit the Add button and put them in for our Council, Troop, and Start Date, it then gives you a drop down for the BSA Name of the troop with the address.

Since I pushed them over I maintained my connections and told the Troop they would have to remove the pack leaders connections.

To add the scout back to the back I went under my account and my connections found the scout, clicked his name and reversed the process. I ended him in the Troop then hit the add button and re-added him back into the pack.

They went and came back with out an issues. they are all now at the troop level

My only question is do i delete the den or can i convert it to a Lions den to recycle the number?

Does this make sense I attached a PDF of a training i put together on how to do this for the next year if it helps. It does not show you how to pull them back but just click on your account and your connections to find the scout. The follow the steps

.Advancing Dens and Webelos 2 to troop.pdf (567.4 KB)

Usually easiest to just delete the den

You can create a new Lion den with the same den number.

@DonovanMcNeil @JenniferOlinger Ok thanks

If you guys look at that PDF and disagree with something or something is not right let me know so i can fix it

I would stress the point that users need to stay on the Scout’s Membership page between ending the Scout’s membership with the pack and adding the new membership with the troop. Otherwise, the user might be disconnected from the Scout.