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In Scoutbook how do I change Pack Number for Leader in this case myself

I moved Packs in March 2020 , even before I moved the old Pack removed me from the Roster without informing me . They had a hidden agenda . When I joined the new pack , It still shows in My Bio the old Pack number . How do I change it . Also Im an Unit Commissioner / Assistant RT / Merit badge Counselor / Super Nova Mentor and none of it is has synced with my Positions at all . Need help with that .

Can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing? Changing your leader position in the new pack to “primary” should have changed it. Mine showed me as being in the troop as soon as my position in the pack ended and my position in the troop started. I didn’t take any special steps to make it do so.

Hope the 2 images show . Im new to posting images on this forum , so please help me if it doesnt come properly .

Im not In Pack 457 anymore .

Not very many people can see your bio, but you can update it by going to

My Account -> Edit Profile

Scroll down all the way to the bottom, and you will see the place where you can change your bio.

To get your new pack number to show up, go to Edit Profile and make sure that all of the information there is still correct (city, zip code, district, council).

Then go to My Positions and add your new position(s) there (if any). They usually show up automatically after your council processes your adult leader application(s). You will need a unit Admin to approve the position in Scoutbook (you will see a green shield with checkmark after a position has been approved.)

You might also need to go to your past Den Leader position with the stick figure next to it and turn the Default Position slider off.

Most district / council level positions are not supported in Scoutbook, because it is a unit-level tool.

I see the problem now , The Pack Admin haven’t given the permission even to Parent . So I cant move the slider even if its for my own kid . Sorry i had to scribble out my information .

The past position didnt have slider option . I will work on it and see how to get the Slider back .

Based on your picture, you are already connected to Robin as a Parent / Guardian.

Are you also a registered adult leader in the new pack?

Has Robin’s Membership in the new pack been approved by a Pack Admin?

Yes , Im a registered Leader in the new Pack . And Robin has been approved by Pack Admin .
i think there is a glitch in Scoutbook as it shows me in my Son’s troop . I’m not regsitered there at all .

@ElizabethMathew If you would like, I could do a Zoom screen share meeting with you and take a look.

Yes please . My email is [e-mail removed for privacy]
Can i meet you in 10 min , grab a quick lunch .

Thank you @JenniferOlinger for helping resolve the issue . You are the best . Thank you for all that you do for Scouting .


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