Changing packs

My son needs to be transferred from one pack to another in Scoutbook. As do I and my husband. How do we do this? I don’t want him to lose any of his progress. Thanks!

@AngelaHall1 depends on a few things - if the new pack has online apps you might be able to do some (or all online). Either you or your husband can go to > go to My Applications - if you see your scout there you can click the Transfer tab and hopefully do it there. If you are both leaders you may be able to do it for yourself as well. Make sure the new pack knows you have done this.

Is the new pack in the same council?

Same council. The new pack does know we transferred in my.scouting. And it does show we’re a part of the new pack on scout book. But we’re still showing up in the old pack too


Sounds like you used multiple instead of transfer. Contact your council for assistance.

You can also go to Scoutbook and put an end date on the memberships in the old pack

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