Changing Scoutbook Username

Greetings Scouters! Does anyone know how to change the Scoutbook login username? My son’s name changed when I adopted him, and the original username is associated with a name he doesn’t use anymore. Any assistance would be appreciated.

I don’t think there’s a way to do it directly. But he can change to Google or Apple sign in by going to > menu > my account > other sign in options. Then, he could either leave it as that or go back there and select the bsa credentials option.

Note: I also tried typing change username into the chat bot, and I gave up after it asked me the same security question seven times

@BrianLove1 Your local council might be able to change it. If not, they can ask National to change it.

I have a parent that would like to have her username changed. Their current one has the ex’s name in it. I checked with the council and was told that it can’t be changed, and the only option is to use apple or google login instead. Who should the council contact to request the change?

@teddybsa She can try going to my.scouting and see if she can create a new account, but linking to her already existing BSA member number. After that, we can request that the user names be merged.

If that doesn’t work, your local council can submit a help ticket to National. They would need to include the parent’s name, BSA member number, old user name, and desired new user name.

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