Need to change username

Hi, I am new here, bear with me. I goofed up when registering my son a couple years ago and wound up with two accounts, both with the same username. I am using the other one now as my account, as I am joiuning the ranks as an adult leader. I tried emailing, but they told me to inquire here. Can someone please contact me and tell me how to change the username on my account?

@ThomasRuyle I do not know if you can change username (as it is not really relevant). Council may be able to.

Council referred me to national (the now-defunct email address), national referred me here. It’s not an airway issue, just something that bugs my OCD self. Thanks.

@ThomasRuyle It is your my.scouting user name that needs to be changed. We do not have the ability (tools) to change user names.

Your council might have that ability with their Registrar tools. If not, they can submit a help ticket to National.

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