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Charter certificate question

Good afternoon
Has anyone had any issues printing your charter certificate from myscouting?
Last year as a key 3 I was unable to open the file and had to have my COR send the download to me.
This year I was able to open and download it and it was accurate. The print preview showed all the information on the certificate - our 2021 expiration date, troop number, town, and the number of years we have been serving youth. When it finished printing, the charter form was blank and the number of years serving youth only printed, No expiration date, unit information, or town,
Does anyone have any idea why this would happen? Thank you in advance. Stay safe.

First guess is you are not using Adobe Acrobat products - rather like a preview app or something

I know that some applications have an option to print a document with or without markup. Assuming that the certificate starts life as a fillable form, or at least a blank one, then the organization-specific info may be treated as “markup”. The setting is usually somewhere in the application’s print dialog (rather than the system print dialog).

We had that issue last year. Save the file as a PDF first, then open and print and you should be ok.

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