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Charter Certificate issues and Membership Cards

Good evening,
When I went in this evening to print off my unit’s Charter Certificate it printed with the bottom cut off. I went back in using Chrome it came up with a blank screen and in the upper left corner it had the following message “system error (-6)”. What is going on?
When you print off the membership cards, what do you print them on and how do you cut them to size?
Any tip or tricks? Thank you. Stay safe.

Issue may be printer related. I have more than one way of connecting to my printer with different software involved.

I just repulled my charter up, so it is working for some (again, for troubleshooting reasons).

Did you make sure that the page was set to “fit to printable area” or something similar? Some software might call this “reduce size to fit to page” or “shrink to page size”. That way, it will scale it down even if your margins are bigger or max print area of your printer is smaller.