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Charter Date

Is there an easy place to see either the original charter date or the length of time my unit has been chartered without calling Council registrar? I have memories of it being on the charter certificate, but it seems to have been omitted on the latest one.

You aren’t imagining things. It used to be on the older charter certificates and, I think, on the recharter paperwork. These days, the easiest thing to do is call council, I believe.

The BSA is currently working on moving functions from ScoutNet (the professional system) to My.Scouting. So, I would think that by the time they are done, we will have that information again.

There is a report available. The “Chartered Organizations Report”, located in “Roster” (or Organization Manager), gives both unit tenure and charter expiration date. It is available at the Unit, District, and Council levels.

I think this is what you are looking for?
It does not give the original charter date, but does give unit tenure (in months).

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Rick, when I try to run that report, I get an “Authorization failed (-2).”

I’m the Cubmaster and a District Comm Member.

I am getting the authorized roles information and will update when I have it.

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Have you had any success running this report yet?

I did. Thank you so much. Funny thing, when I ran it on myself, I discovered I earned an eagle palm (I didn’t) 3 years after my 18th birthday.

Glad to be of assistance.