Child bsa Id


For some reason when I log into I only see my (adult) ID. I can’t find the scouting ID for my child and he has been in scouts since 2 years . He is changing his troop and new troop need his BSA ID to pull records.
Any way to track down his ID number? Is there a number I can call?

Saras Agarwal

@SarasAgarwal - do you see your scout at

I logged-in by my user name and password. There I do not see any options to see my child name.

@SarasAgarwal - can you post a screenshot of what you see at I am thinking you may need to expand the items.

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@SarasAgarwal - so it appears you are not connected to your scout… The dashboard would show the my family option under administration

So now how do I get my child baa Id?

@SarasAgarwal your council can help you - call them

Is member ID and BSA ID different ?

I have my child member ID as he has login for

@SarasAgarwal - in scoutbook it is listed as BSA Member ID below the SB user ID under the picture of the scout.