Citizenship in Society as an Eagle-required badge

I tried to search around, so apologies if this has been discussed. Just point me to the right place.

My son completed the Citizenship in Society merit badge. I know it is not required for Eagle rank yet, but from various information I have seen it can still apply as an Eagle-required badge for the Life rank at this point. First, is this correct?

If it applies as an Eagle-required badge for Life, Scoutbook is not recognizing this at this point. This should fill all the merit badge requirements for the Life rank for my son, but it is not filling in.

Any help or information is appreciated.

CIS is not Eagle-required until July 1st, which is why SB shows it the way it does. I’m not sure what would be required to make Scoutbook treat it as Eagle-required for Star and Life ranks, but not Eagle rank right now.

With that said, your son’s Scoutmaster or Troop Advancement Chair should be able to override the requirement in Scoutbook and mark it complete.

Thank you. I should have mentioned that I am the Advancement Chair as well. I just didn’t want to cause any issues by overriding it.

I appreciate your response.

While we have been told it may be used as an Eagle required badge for Star and Life today, BSA IT decided not to make changes to Scoutbook for this until it is required for Eagle.

That’s an interesting bit of terpsichore on the part of BSA and their IT folks. Without addressing the timing issues, CIS can be counted as an Eagle required merit badge for Star and Life prior to July 1, 2022, but is not required for Eagle rank until July 1, 2022? I’ve seen nothing addressing this in Advancement News.

There’s only been pretty limited information in Advancement News regarding CiS (effectively just a slightly more detailed launch announcement). I’m hoping that they eventually clarify the definition of what the 1 July 2022 transition date applies to (e.g. everything but submitting paperwork for EBoR vs having completed EBoR). I know clarifications have been seen elsewhere, but having it in Advancement News would be a bit easier to find for most advancement folks.

On a slight OT tangent, I have to applaud your use of terpsichore. It tickled the “A Way with Words” fan in me. :+1:

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Thanks for the compliment. The word choice is not so much a function of literacy as it is from a line in a W. C. Fields movie.


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