Citizen in Society not counting as required MB in SB

Our units took part in the beta for Citizenship in Society, I have a female scout who earned the badge in September, she has her certification from National as a part of the pilot program. For Star rank SB won’t recognize the badge as a required Eagle badge. What can I do, her rank advancement in SB is being held hostage by this.

You are correct. Scoutbook has not yet been updated to allow Citizenship in Society to count for Star and LIfe Eagle Required MBs. This is currently in development and will be released soon.

You have 2 options, assuming she has completed all other Star requirements but does not have enough Eagle MBs without Citizenship in Society.

  1. Use Internet Advancement to record completion of Star as it does not check that requirements are complete.
  2. Wait until Star is updated in Scoutbook to allow CIS to be used as Eagle Required.

Since 2. is not ideal, I would just record Star via Internet Advancement.

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Well that works then, I will pass this over to our advancements unit person so she can update the records.

You can also put it in then come back later to add Cit. In Society. I do think though, that the devs need to add this as an eagle now as apposed to waiting till July.

The addition of CIS is currently in development. It will be released before June.

There are Scouts who have completed all Star requirements but used CIS as one of the Eagle required MBs. The problem is they cannot mark Star complete without Req 3 being complete. Since CIS is not yet recognized as Eagle Required, Star cannot be completed in Scoutbook for these Scouts. The workaround is to use Internet Advancement to mark Star complete until Scoutbook is updated.

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