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Clean old connections question


I was happy to see the addition of the Clean Old Connections feature, however I still have some questions and concerns about connections.

With this feature, it appears to only impacts connections for Scouts currently in the unit and requires that every unit runs this feature to remove old connections.

Are there still connections when both the Scout and Adult Leader have left your unit? For example, if a scout left our unit last year and the Cubmaster also left, would they still be connected and how can we assure those connections are broken?

Also, as Cubmaster, I had connections to more than 80 scouts who had left our pack over the past couple years that were not cleared when I ran the clean old connections function. I was able to do this individually on my profile, but are these scouts still connected to other unit admins including previous Cubmasters?

With all of the safety protocols in place, why aren’t connections automatically broken when a Scout leaves the unit or an adult leader’s role in the unit is ended?


One other thought, how many Scouts that have left Scouting all together still have active connections to Adult Leaders from the unit they were previously with?

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There are 2 different “Clean Old Connection” functions. One is on the unit roster page. This cleans up connections for current members of the unit. For Scouts, it removes connections to adults that are not in the unit.

Each adult also has a Clean Old Connection button on their My Connections page. This button removes connections to all Scouts no longer associated with a unit they are a leader or parent of a Scout.

When a Scout is removed from a unit by Member Update, connections that are not needed are automatically broken. The Clean Old Connections function is needed when Scouts are manually removed from a unit.