Bulk delete old connections of non-Admin, non-Parents?

Right now the only way to do this is to go into each scout and remove them one by one. Some of our Scouts have literally dozens of old adult connection from many years in the past making this quite tedious.

As these are largely people from old Packs and Troops, or folks that have moved on, they do not appear in the Connection Manager. They can only be seen on the individual scout connection pages.

Thanks for any advice.

You should be able to do it pretty easily in the Connection Manager.

Yeah, he said that the connections don’t appear in Connections Manager, which seems a bit weird. I have a couple of “remainders” for some scouts, and they show up in the Connections Manager. I was able to trip out their connections.

I’m trying to remember how I “cleaned” our new transfer scouts of extraneous connections when they came in. I thought I did it using Connection Manager, but maybe not.

they would not appear in unit connection manager

They did for our last batch of Webelos that crossed over last spring.

if I recall right @EdDavignon ? When a scout leaves a unit all connections except to Parents and Admins are broken. But that is a recent change and there can be some old ones still in place

That’s a good start.

Many of ours are old Den Leaders, parents, committee members, etc.

One specific example is a girl in one of our troops that moved during the year. I expired her membership in our troop. As a result, neither she nor her parents show up on the rosters or connection manager pages. However, her parents maintained View Profile connection with all of our other exisitng scouts and presumably all our parents and leader kept some connection to her.

I get that there are some wonky business and DI rules that would have to be in place to deal with such instances, but at a minimum, it would be nice for a bulk edit option for the individual scout vs removing one at a time.

And for the record, Feature Assistant is an outstanding plugin that I’ve made use of many times and do so continuously particularly for its calendar editing features. Big fan!

I, too, would love to know how to do this. My old position in my Cub Scout Pack meant that I automatically have connections to every scout in the Pack. Over the course of 8 years I now have 100 connections to control accounts, but my last boy just aged out, so I’m no longer with the Pack.

The only way I see to remove a connection is to one-by-one click the “X”. Then I have to wait 5 seconds. Then wait for the page to refresh. Then click the next X. I don’t have 30 minutes to remove all of these connections. How do I just check a “all” box, and then go down and uncheck my boys, and do an “unconnect”?

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