Permission by Position - Remove old connections?

is there anyway to remove old connections from scouts that transfer into our troop continue to have all their connections from old pack/troop. I ran the Permission by Position but did not seem to remove this dangling privileges, This is mostly concerning from our scouts who move from the Pack to the troop, the scout still has all old Den Leaders with full control on this scout. I thought in the past, it gave me a warning if these leaders were not in my troop but does not now

Currently the only way to clean up old connections is to go to the Scout’s connection page, select the connections one by one and delete them. There is an item in the backlog to provide a feature to do this with one click but we do not know when it will be scheduled for development.

@MichaelHoskins you remember correctly - in the past, the extension handled other connections not in the unit. However, it was based off of the Connection Manager which was revised some time ago to only show adults affiliated with the current unit.

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