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Cleaning Up Duplicate Entries in Activity Log

My Troop’s activity log is full of duplicate entries for several Scouts. I would like to rely on this log for accurate activities information. However, I cannot find a way to delete duplicates. I also cannot seem to edit entries so that I can at least reduce camping nights to zero as a workaround. Is there something I am missing?

It depends a great deal on several things (when the entries were created, your role in the unit, process attempted to remove the events).

Events which predated the transfer of the logs from Scoutbook to IA2 can not presently (AFAIK) be edited or deleted. This ability has been requested, but is somewhere in the backlog. There is a process for creating/editing/removing events here: Recording Activities in Internet Advancement and Scoutbook | Scoutbook Knowledge Base

The individual trying to do so has to have one of the roles/positions shown in the Abilities Matrix in the linked article in order to have access.