Cleaning Up Duplicate Entries in Activity Log

My Troop’s activity log is full of duplicate entries for several Scouts. I would like to rely on this log for accurate activities information. However, I cannot find a way to delete duplicates. I also cannot seem to edit entries so that I can at least reduce camping nights to zero as a workaround. Is there something I am missing?

It depends a great deal on several things (when the entries were created, your role in the unit, process attempted to remove the events).

Events which predated the transfer of the logs from Scoutbook to IA2 can not presently (AFAIK) be edited or deleted. This ability has been requested, but is somewhere in the backlog. There is a process for creating/editing/removing events here: Recording Activities in Internet Advancement and Scoutbook - Scoutbook Knowledge Base

The individual trying to do so has to have one of the roles/positions shown in the Abilities Matrix in the linked article in order to have access.

The issue in the linked matrix info is that it doesn’t show who can Delete and activity. I’m having a similar issue where a parent went in and created personal event and he’s now double-counted because I (the Scoutmaster) created Group events and put him in those.

Because I don’t have the ability to remove the Scout from his personal event, I also can’t delete the event. These are recently created - as of July '21.

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I am in the same boat. The scout/parent entered their own participation entry and I created one for the Troop as a whole. Now the scouts receives double credit. I’m unable to delete the scouts individual entry and can’t zero out nights camped. The only option appears to delete him from my group entry, but then it is not a true reflection of the activity when I go back to reference the event at a later date, as that scout is not included as participating.

Consider it a feature with no answer. The solutions provided above don’t actually work. Yes, I’m here visiting because this has happened in my unit again and I can’t remove the Scout’s individual entry.

This worked great, thanks for the info