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Is there a way to delete a duplicate event? Created event, forgot I had done so, re-created it and now I have duplication.


@WilliamsburgScouter - is there a pencil icon on either one of the events ? This is in the activity log I gather. If so and if there is a pencil icon, you can click on that to removed the scouts/scouters and at the last person it will prompt for a delete, or I think there is also the immediate option to delete it.

Tried that, I cannot delete the last scouter (me) or add any additional folks.

For now I just set all the nights and days to 0.

@WilliamsburgScouter - hummm that is odd… I would also try to change the event name to ensure that nobody tries to add days/nights back in or question it.

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How do I delete an activity that I created that doesn’t show on the activity log, but shows on the report. I accidentally set the dates with the wrong years. It spans an entire year, oops.

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@DrewQ - other than it being an awesome accomplishment is there a pencil icon on the event ?

I can’t see the event to edit it. It only shows if I pull a report.

@DrewQ - you have to go back to 11/21 and there are back arrows on the year.

Go to 2021 or search by event name

That does not work either, I have gone trough ALL years.

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@DrewQ - not able to find it

It is still there in the Activity Log report. It is under Troop 832 in Heart of Virginia Council.

@DrewQ - what I was asking was… did you find the entry in the events from 2021 ?

No, it is nowhere to be found on my side of things. I went back many years in the past and many years in the future and found nothing.

@DrewQ - if it is in the report it has to show up in the activity listing:

so on the year click the left arrow to get to 2021, then if there is something within a month it will present the darker text as noted by this view. In your case Nov should be dark text

Let me clear something up. I do know how to use the system extensively, but this particular activity is not showing in the “Activity Screen” to be able to edit and delete. I believe it is due to the unusually long time period that I accidentally created. The system is unable to display it for me to edit. It shows in the personal logs but I cannot edit it there.

@DrewQ - my apologies… there was not enough data originally presented to know that for sure… Oh man…so it is in your personal log… does it show for any other scouts ? Perhaps run an audit report on the start date along with an activity report on just that start date… I am tying to help get back to the entry and perhaps clear it… although are the actual day/night numbers correct or no ?

It does show in multiple Scout and adult personal logs. It does show in an Activity Report which is where the image I posted previously came from. That is how I found it in the first place. I deleted the second one I had created after the first one didn’t show when I created that one. I just want to clear the entire activity and re-enter a corrected one.

This image is from my personal Activity Log.

When you click on the activity (on your personal Activity Log), click on the 3 vertical dots to the right of where it says “Approved” (for more options). Do you see an Edit option (pencil icon)?

The 3 dots are not there for any activity in my personal logs.

Oh, it is there for my son! boom it is fixed now. I was so focused on my logs not having the edit feature.

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