Removing a duplicate activity log

I looked in the forums and everything I saw related to this topic is closed to new responses.

Anyway…I added a service project that was Troop based and added all the participating Scouts and their hours. Several parents also entered an individual record for their Scout that covers the same service project so now the hours are duplicated. Is there a way to remove the parent’s duplicate entry. I’ve already asked that parent if they can see a way on their side and they can’t AND I’m not seeing a way on my side as the SM. In the forums, I saw many mentions of IA/SB adding that functionality…but don’t know if that has happened yet and can find no other way to edit (even tried to make the hours 0, but it won’t save). Just want to clean up the Scout’s record to remove the duplication.

Thoughts? Comments??


is this something current or an event that was maybe 6 months ago? As long as you do not Approve the parents ones (if they are new not 6 months ago) they should not show on reports and such

Well…that’s the added issue. I did not realize that I could create a Troop hosted service project and just add Scouts. I approved the individual ones before discovering the group add. (and all if this is in the last 2-3 months). I know for rank advancement you and edit/unapprove an item and then delete it once unapproved, but for the activity logs, it doesn’t look like that same functionality exists yet.

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I to also have this same issue in camping. I’ve added all camping events but parents have also added the same event, how can the duplication of nights camped be fixed? I’ve had to print the activity log in scoutbook and manually correct for OA selection requirements.

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We have the same issue as well.

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It looks like you cannot delete an activity that has people assigned to it. If you remove the attendees in the edit activity window, you should be prompted whether you want to delete the event entirely, or just remove the final attendee.

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IA 2.0 is a total train wreck. Please Please Please be thrifty and send it back to Scoutbook where it worked. Just imagine the man-hours spent on this travesty, and the scouting season just starting, and units are dealing with COVID, Rate increases an then add to that which in its self should be an easy straight forward process of logging hours, service, nights camping, or miles hiked now has just become the tip of the iceberg to logging scouts activities which would make any great volunteer quit.

I can see dreams of grandeur that IA 2.0 to be used in the recharter process if so I definitely will quit as a leader it simply is not worth the labor.

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They have been very clear. Scoutbook is the old platform, and IA2 the new. They are not going back. That is ok with me, IF I see better forward progress to fix the bugs, usability, and integration of IA2 features.

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I am a volunteer so time is valuable for me, time wasted on bad software is time lost that could be spent more wisely elsewhere. Programers working on this project are most likely to be paid, so lost time and bad software makes them more money.
IA 2.0 is fundamentally flawed and can never be patched as it draws the information from, and the end-user can not edit. The software will never work because of these principals. If it is not broke then don’t fix it. BSA is wasting time and money on this product.

Yeah, nah. IA2 is the platform for significant changes implemented going forward.

And… after doing maybe 2 or 3 activity logs, I’ve found them to be no slower nor more difficult to create than they were in Scoutbook.



We have the same issue. I have been unable to delete previously approved entries to eliminate duplication.

My temporary work-around is to edit the parent-entered service log and change the hours to zero.

Anyone else figure out how to delete duplicate entries yet??

Yes, but it’s a pretty convoluted process, and I don’t know if it works for parent-created activities entered in the Scouting app. It doesn’t seem to work for entries created in the old Scoutbook logs…

  1. You can only do this with activites in the past – you can’t delete future activities.
  2. Open the activity you want to delete.
  3. Remove the participants in the activity.
  4. When you delete the last participant, you should get a warning dialog:

Nice find, @SteveCagigas!

You would also see this on past events where nobody is tagged:


Note the trash can

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I can find no activity associated with the parent-created service hour log, nor any other way to delete the entry.

In Internet Advancement, try:

Activities → Filter By

and make sure that the box next to “Personal Activities” is checked. Are you able to see the parent-created activities now?


Thank you. That filter setting does allow me to see them in the Activities calendar. However, in Edit mode, there is no way to remove a participant to delete the activity from this parent-entered event. That is, there is no X to the right of their name, as there is next to all of the names in Activities I have created for the Troop.

As Jennifer and others note (thanks!) this is still broken. Activities brought in when they merged Scoutbook’s prior (and far better Activity Log) with the new Internet Advancement one are not removable (and incorrectly still listed as Personal when they were originally entered as troop activity). The dates also went backward a day when they merged into the new system, and the Activities were broken from a Troop Activity into personal one person activities for each scout. Note also the total hours calc in Internet Advancement is also now wrong via this system since the start date went backward one day but the end date stayed – as a developer I suspect it may be a GMT Time Zone programming bug – I am in Pacific Time and the boys’ campouts went backward to 10pm the day before…) I have tried for months to remove/correct the auto entered problems, but the ability is still not with these (although it was finally added for new ones you enter fresh into this system). All of this means one can’t use Activity Log/IA to accurately track camping hours etc for advancement on merit badges, etc. I have posted here previously (why all our prior posts on it are closed for discussion is poor moderation since the issue remains). I also emailed directly to the development team and never received a response from them. Perhaps the moderators would like to escalate this issue so it finally gets fixed…


While I understand this perception, and honestly shared it initially, the old Scoutbook logs were not set up to distinguish a “unit level” activity from an “individual” activity. While quick entry permitted us to enter the same activity data in multiple individuals’ logs, it was not stored with any flag to indicate that it was a group activity, and therefore could not be identified as a “group” activity when things were converted over. I agree that there are many of us who would find the ability to revisit these logs and “correct” group activities listed as individual activities valuable, but it’s not entirely clear how meaningful a problem it is for the scouts themselves (i.e. tracking their own activities) if no activities are actually missing.

I have noted similar issues for several of our scouts, but I’m not entirely clear how that impacts the ability to accurately track camping days/nights. Could you elaborate? I wasn’t finding any changes to the number of days or nights from the original entries for the ones that I checked. I agree that it makes it more difficult to backcheck the entries against the scouts’ handbooks or the unit calendar, but if one is aware of the problem, it’s reasonably easy to identify that the issue is occurring.

I agree that the correction of this information would be useful. I’m just not sure whether or not the BSA would prioritize it over the other issues that also seem to exist on this platform.

ETA: I just noticed that I am able to edit entries that were moved from the Scoutbook logs as far back as 2017. In principle, I believe that someone could:

  1. create the relevant group activity
  2. add all of the youth and adults to the relevant group activity
  3. remove all of the youth and adults from the “individual” activities in their individual logs using the edit feature.
  4. Delete the individual logs entries.

I don’t know that you can easily retain the “notes” that are currently logged in the individual events. For example, for one weekend campout, I entered notes about what my son did that addressed completion of other requirements on the trip (setting up his tent with his tentmate).

To be clear, I haven’t tried this yet, but it appears to be feasible, at least from the interface as it’s displaying options to me both for my son and for other scouts. I am a Key 3 Delegate for my unit, in case that impacts how things display.

ETA2: OK, so I may have celebrated a bit too soon. I tried editing one of my son’s events, and despite the fact that the interface allows me to make a variety of changes, including to the dates and times, the “EDIT AND FINISH” button at the bottom remains stubbornly grayed-out. It might be tied into the recently-discovered character limit on activity names (I have 36 in this event). I’m reluctant to change the name, since it matches with all of the others that were added by quick-entry.

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@CharleyHamilton I think you first have to remove all of the people attached to an activity before you can remove it.

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