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Deleting or removing an entry in Activity Logs

I made a mistake. How do I delete the camping night record?

@BrendaWinn - I would edit the activity for zero nights and no participants.

Will that mean that ‘invalid’ entries will remain? Is there a cleaner role for someone in our troop?

@BrendaWinn - the entry would remain but since it would be zero with no participants it will not show on a scout or leader report nor in the scout record.

They are working on adding a way to delete entries that were added by mistake. In the meantime, you can remove the people who are attached to the activity as @Stephen_Hornak suggested. You can also edit the activity so that it shows 0 nights and 0 days.

Thank you both for these suggestions!

Does this mean that the event will remain on the screen? For some reason, all of our troop activities are showing up as individual activities, which means that the month of February this year takes forever to scroll through all the individual events

@JonathanThompson1 - the way that scoutbook was designed is why all of the log entries are individually listed as they were all scout based not unit based.

I understand the idea in SB, but this is in no way useful in the IA2. I have no idea who did each of these and there is no way to open them to see who they belong to.

@JonathanThompson1 - so no pencil in any of the boxes. Lets see if there is another way. Can you get to reports then if presented with purchase history as one tab and reports as the other. Click on reports and see if there is the activity log report. If so click on that and set your date range to limit to that event.

I’m seeing the same thing for my unit that I think @JonathanThompson1 is for his. No editing pencils in the individual events shown in https://scoutbook.scouting.org/activities, and the individual events are not showing up in the activity reports at https://scoutbook.scouting.org/reports.

I’ll also note that we’re still not seeing our adult/youth logs consistently in the reports. There are still missing items.

ETA: So, interestingly, although I can’t see information about them elsewhere, I was able to locate both of the individual events in the “Pending Items” list associated with a scout’s name.

Clicking on the scout’s name and looking at pending items does not include the activities, just awards. In order to see these items, except in the summary report, I had to click through as follows:

Pending Items -> Scout’s name -> Service Hours

There’s no indication when looking at scout’s profile that there are activities pending approval.

It’s odd that there’s no way to view the details of the item at the same time you’re being asked to approve it. It’s also more than a bit obscure what the process to approve activities should be if you’re not a regular user of IA2. One would expect that, if Pending Items is where they should be approved, then it should appear in all of the Pending Items interfaces.

I think that it would also be a good idea to show any “pending approval” log entries in the reports, so that they can be easily tracked for resolution.

They do show up, but only the scouts. No adults show up. On the main Activities page, there is also an event on the 15th. That event has no participants, and was entered in by mistake, but not sure who did it. I would like to see a way to delete the event.

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I still want to know how to delete stuff , like a hike I put in for my son was wrong , no way to delete it , and he has a merit badge pending , that he doesn’t even have , I am the advancement chair , but I can’t add any activities for any of our boys , I finally can see the main page, before it was just my son’s page . I have 20 boys I have to add back activities for , how do I do it ??

Deleting activities isn’t an option (yet?) under the IA2 system. I understand it’s"on the list".

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I’d definitely wait on adding back activities until all the bug fixes are done. They are likely still there but just not visible for some reason.

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Thank you both !! understand

To be clear, parents should be able to clear/delete/remove activities for their owns scout(s). Leaders still have the approval step to do on all activities counting toward rank or badge. The data entry shouldn’t always fall on leaders when parents can better keep up with volume. Leaders should also be able to delete/remove for all scouts provided the proper roles are assigned.

How do you remove a participant that was mistakenly added to a service project? When I go to the advanced tab of the project and try to set the participant’s hours to 0, it won’t save.

Also do we know if there are plans to allow editing or deleting of the Legacy Scoutbook.com service log entries?

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