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Click on a note that was recorded for a requirement and kicks me to initial screen

For a particular Scout, there are notes that were recorded for 2 requirements. There is a nice little note icon that says “there are notes that were recorded for this requirement.” If I click on the note icon, it kicks me to the main screen (the first screen you see after logging in).

What happens when you click on the requirement number instead of the notepad icon?

I now tried it on my iPhone. If I click on the note pad there, it kicks me back to start. Then if I click on the “requirement” it does nothing. If I click on the check, it takes me to the details and shows the note.

I guess I understand that the note pad could just be indication that there is a note, but it shouldn’t do anything then. Or if I click it it should take me to the details to see the note. If it does nothing, I would think it should be smaller.

This is a known issue. The workaround is to click on the requirement instead of the note icon.

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