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It would be cool if there was an option to get notified when someone makes a comment on an event. I noticed on this thread Better formatting for Event Comment Notifications that a notification only goes out to the “event creator” but it would be cool to be able to have more people get that notification.

A quick example would be we just had a campout and a scout didn’t show up so we were trying to get ahold of them. Turned out their parents commented on the event that they wouldn’t be going but no one knew about the comment. While I’ve personally figured this out and I have stopped using the comments on the event to communicate not everyone is saavy enough to pick up on that as we do try and push parents to use scoutbook.

This is a good point. I would say send the comment notification to all admins.

It would be nice to be able to turn comments off if they don’t go out widely. I can see a Scout or a committee secretary making calendar entries and then either not checking email or not having access the day of in the situation you describe.

Yea thats what happened on this particular event… it was entered by Committee Secretary and I’m not sure if 1 they got the notification and 2 if it was even in their inbox of spam… its quit possible they don’t even check their email LOL

We have discussed adding something like a leader in charge field when the new calendar comes out, but I don’t know when that will be or if that feature will be included.


Sounds like a viable solution, my only comment would be make that “leaders” instead of “leader” that way multiple people can be alerted.


Agreed. I think that may have even been how we requested it.

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Yeah, particularly given that we have to include at least two registered scouters for any event, it would be good to have at least two slots.

I could see two features that would be helpful:

  1. A tickbox to automatically notify the Unit Key 3 and any Key 3 Delegates, plus
  2. A pulldown menu (similar to what’s already in Scoutbook for selecting invitees) from which the event creator or anyone else with calendar editing permissions could select unit scouters to receive notification of any comments.

Feature 1 would allow units who don’t want to designate specific scouters (or don’t have them designated yet) to have the Key 3 and K3Ds notified, in addition to the event creator, of comments/changes to the event.

Feature 2 would allow units to have the designated scouters notified, which is (likely) more helpful in the long run, since filtering everything through the Key 3 is generally less efficient if there are other folks who are more directly responsible. Feature 2 could, in principle, replace Feature 1 by allowing units to select the Key 3 and K3Ds manually.

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