Commissioner Tools Business Rules

Effective immediately Commissioner Tools has changed its business rules such that only one contact per unit per contact day (the date of the contact) can be logged. For those who require to make more than one contact for any given date, the two options are: 1) edit the existing contact within 48 hours of creation and amend it, or 2) log the contact date on a different date and make a journal entry to the fact the contact date was actually different. This change was made to minimize JTE / Commissioner Tools unit contact counting mismatches.

NOTICE: We have two ‘tweaks’ to this business rule change that we have asked the developers to address to improve the User experience. 1) Move the warning regarding making multiple entries on the same date to be immediately after clicking the type of assessment (SA or DA) button you wish to make. [IMPORTANT: Presently this warning doesn’t appear until you try to SAVE the contact… which means you need to abandon all your work, which will undoubtedly cause appropriate frustration.] 2) Change the warning so it catches peoples’ attention… BOLD, RED, PULSING? And make it persistent such that the User has to acknowledge it before it fades away. (See image)

These issues have just been sent to the developers this morning, so while urgent, we do not yet have an ECD.

Can more than one contact be logged on the same day for the same unit, as long as each date for the contact itself is unique?

Yes! That is correct.