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My.Scouting System error (March 6)

@RickHillenbrand Rick, thank you for posting this. As an example, only 10 of the 63 units in my District were displayed in Organization Navigator on 3/6 and today (3/7) only 6 units are displayed. I haven’t been able to identify any pattern of what those units have in common.

BSA IT expects the fix to load overnight.

This appears corrected now.

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Better, but not all corrected as of March 9. Units that expired on 12/31/2020 whose charter renewal applications have not yet been posted are not on the list. They went from a Lapsed to a Dropped status after 60 days, but aren’t they supposed to have system access for an additional 60 days as announced at my.Scouting on 2/25/2021?

@BillCameron what you describe is normal and expected behavior.

For this reason (and others) I’ve been trying to get everyone’s attention for the past month. A LOT of folks just did not get it.

When the units are expired by 2 months, they drop from visibility. Extending the extended access for individuals was not expected to, nor DID it change this behavior.

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@brantgurga Thanks. I confirmed that it appears to be working correctly.

Hi, Rick - Some units are still missing. One of my Packs is not showing up, along with many others. Looks like about one-half of the units or so.

@RobertWright3 Thank you. Have you verified that their recharter has been “posted?” (Units who had a charter expire on 12/31/2020 that have not posted will not display.) If so, please provide examples with details (region, area, council, service area, district, unit).

I know that in at least one case, the info in the Internet Recharter system was at step 5 and submitted to the Council. I am not sure that the Council has processed everything since we only have one person working on it.

So, not to be funny, but can you look up the unit in the reports that show charter expiration date? Under ROSTER the Chartered Organization Report in Commissioner Tools the Assigned and Unassigned Commissioner report. Both show the current charter expiration date. If the date is not current, then the charter has not posted.

The unit doesn’t show at all. It is Pack 650 of the Palomar District of San Diego-Imperial Council. I just lost my CC access too. Guess I need to call Council. Thanks.

Sounds like the charter is now officially separated. (More than 2 months past recharter expiration.) The unit will reappear when the charter gets posted. Check with your Registrar on the status of the unit’s on-line / Internet Rechartering.

As to your own registration… I would also start with your Registrar.


Robby Wright