Data on Commissioners Tools Detail Assesment not in Sync with data on Training manager

The YPT data listed when performing detail assessments on Comm Tool is not in Sync with the data on Training manager providing misleading information to commissioners. Can someone verify that the process is been performed? Also in some units leaders qty is duplicated.

Hiram - we need specific information please. Council, District, Unit screen shots if possible please.

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This issue is known and being looked into. It got brought up a week or so ago and I passed it on to the incoming technology commissioner.


Thanks will then notify my fellow Commissioners as they reached me with questions on this subject. Any ETA on this?


This is from Puerto Rico Council 661 Yagueka District and was seem across multiple units including Troops, Packs and Ships.

And I will be following up on today’s Commissioner Technology Group call.

I don’t have an ETA. I think Ronald is more plugged into the process. He just may not have been aware of the issue yet. I know YPT content is set to be refreshed soon and that might be related, so I’m not personally sweating about it till after that content refresh which was targeted for June 1.

The updated sync function is currently in the QA system and undergoing testing.

Thanks for the updates!

Just to confirm, I just checked by starting a test detailed assessment in Commissioner Tools, using a random sample of 5 Units, in each of the 7 Districts, in our Council. They are all giving the same error. All adults show as having “Never Taken” YPT. Training manager is showing that they have.
California Inland Empire Council (045).

As I posted last Friday…

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