Commissioner Tools >Training Manager > Add/Search > Course Selection drop downs are not appearing

Any suggestions on how to fix the issue?

I see the same thing in Chrome in Windows 10 and Chrome on the phone (android), but the blue scouting app does give dropdown options in the training manager in the app. I do know that I last successfully used the function in Chrome in early April.

FWIW, the Blue Scouting app dropbox has codes to go with the course names. (These codes DON’T appear in the reports/search for specific training, just the course names)

What is your role?

As a COR, I just entered training for Scouts in 2 of our troops on Monday.

Edit: it also isn’t working for the 2 troops I just did.

I’m the District Commissioner. I just added trainings last week.

Any suggestions??

@RonaldBlaisdell Do you have any connections to report this or should @BrandonLuckett ask his council to put in a ticket?

Have you tried using Incognito mode in Chrome? Give that a try. (Private browsing mode)

Same issue on an iPhone in Safari.

Same answer. Use the private browsing mode in Safari on iPhone.

Same results - Private tab on iPhone. Can select program, but menu doesn’t appear for “course”.

I have reported this to BSA IT. Please keep in mind that next week is the BSA National Annual Meeting in Orlando, so it may take a bit longer to get a response back on a fix.

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Thanks @Matt.Johnson and @RonaldBlaisdell for your help!

I’ll be patient in the mean time.

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This issue is not present on the MyScouting iPhone app, so you can use that.

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Thanks @RonaldBlaisdell!

Despite the course drop down being a bit buggy in the app on iPhone as I scrolled down in the ‘Other’ section, I was able to add what I needed to. Thanks again!!

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