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My.Scouting tools not available under Unit and Resources

When I go into My.Scouting.org I do not see any items listed under my Unit or Resources. I saw links this morning.

I do see items under “BSA Web Links” such as Internet Advancement, BeAScout, etc.

Is there some maintenance happening / outage with My.Scouting.org?

Yep looks like Unit and District Tools are down at least @RonaldBlaisdell

Along with Recent Tools and Resources

I too am seeing the same problem. No issues on the mobile app however.

I am checking with BSA IT

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In case it helps, I’m observing the same behavior (as a Unit K3D) under Chrome and Firefox, in both “regular” and “incognito” windows.

From BSA IT:
“ The drop down menu tab is getting stuck when you click on it, if you refresh it works then, but yes, this started late this morning and they are working on it”

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@RonaldBlaisdell - so its not AWOL, just napping safely :slight_smile:

That has got to be the weirdest error mechanism I’ve heard of so far. Granted, the work around seems to be fine, and isn’t even any clunkier than forcing the Feature assistant to load by reloading the My Dashboard page in Scoutbook.

Thanks for both passing this to BSA IT and getting us a workaround so quickly, @RonaldBlaisdell!

Some devices put applications that are not used frequently to “sleep” to save power and reduce resources being used. I do not know if this is an issue in this case.