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I am new fundraising chair. Should that be reflected in scout book? If so, how do I do that?

@AmyBertrand - that would be as Member of Committee or Committee member in scoutbook and

@AmyBertrand You do not appear to be registered yet. After you are registered, you will automatically show up as a Committee Member in Scoutbook, and a Troop Admin can add you as Fundraising Chair.

Registered in what? I have a user name and password. I even took the YP

You need to be registered with your council as a scouter, for example as a Committee Member, in order to serve as a leader in the unit, and to hold any scouter roles in Scoutbook. Although this was not always the way that Scoutbook was structured, the BSA revised the system to limit who can hold an “adult leader” role to only those who have already completed the application process and are currently registered as scouters.

To register, you must have submitted an adult application to the council. For unit-level scouter positions, your application needs to pass through your Chartering Organization Representative (at at minimum) for approval prior to submittal to the council.

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@AmyBertrand In order to be a registered adult leader with the BSA, you must fill out an adult application, have current YPT, and pay the registration fee (if applicable). You can fill out a paper application or fill it out online (if available). The application process for a unit-level position includes a criminal background check (CBC) and approval by the chartered organization.

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I will provide the disclaimer the online adult applications are not available in all states or in some units. Paper application will always work.

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When you post this I think “yes yes, we know”, but that isn’t true. If we as a community continue to steer especially new people to online applications, but then the buttons are greyed out, or don’t work, for states/councils that do not allow them, we are causing more confusion. I don’t have an answer other than trying to remember “fill out a online application if your council allows it, or a paper/pdf copy if your council doesn’t (and print the pdf)”.

@Matt.Johnson - I get what you are saying and it does seem like I am pushing folks away from what would be a brilliant thing, unfortunately the reality is that some units do not do online apps even in areas where they can. And in our case since our NJ units are under a PA council… no adult online apps.

No, no, you are correct to point it out as if everyone points everyone online, those that can’t are going to get confused and discouraged. It would be nice to have a list of those councils they don’t so we can say which ones can’t (assuming the list is 4-5).

@Matt.Johnson - thank you and I think our closest method would be to determine what states have enacted Sandusky Laws similar to PA. To volunteer in PA units is actually a bit more paperwork and effort than it is in NJ.

Recall, it also involves how the council implements it. They could offer online applications and then hold them until all the requirements are met. The system is capable of that, but the PA council has chosen the paper only path. So, maybe for now we could just keep a list of councils that don’t allow online applications.

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