New adult leader still listed as "pending", cannot assign new position

I (134204398) am stepping down as committee chair and trying to add a new adult leader to take over as committee chair (12851246). The incoming committee chair submitted an online application and was confirmed by the COR. However, they are still listed under “pending members” in Internet Recharter, even though they are also listed under current members. Additionally, while every other adult has a pencil icon next to their name so I can change their position, there is no pencil next to the incoming chair’s name, so I can’t assign them to the position of committee chair.

It is likely because their background check has not come through yet. Go to my.scouting in the position manager and see if there is a indicator for background check not being complete.

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I need to add an existing adult with a BSA Number to be listed as our Treasure and another adult with a BSA as our advancement chair. Why cant I locate their record in Scoutbook when I tried to add them under the new leader function? Do they need to submit an entirely new application for this and get a new BSA?

getting a BSA is easy - fill out a youth application - just cause they have a bsa # does not mean they have ever registered @RichardWerner - what are the BSA #s and we can check

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BSA - 134429921 - trying to make this adult our treasurer

BSA - 13663928 - trying to make our advancement chair

@RichardWerner neither adult has ever filled out an adult application, I see no YPT, and I see no duplicate accounts. They need to fill out an adult application to be a leader in the pack

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Isn’t there an add new member option or something like that?

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@jacobfetzer - yes there is add new from application or existing.


We have an individual who is the charter rep for both a troop and a Pack . Does she need to have two seperate BSA numbers? I am trying to add her to our Pack since I was told I needed to update it. Scout book does not locate her when I do a search.

No, just one bsa member number assuming they are in the same council.

its the same council - do you know if there is a way to lookup someones BSA number?
Her name is Vicki Payton

@RichardWerner, if you are key 3 in both units, you should be able to see their BSA ID in the “current” unit roster at so you can add them to the “new” unit. If not, the COR should be able to log in to and view their own BSA ID under their profile. Use the same credentials they use to log in and take YPT.

@RichardWerner that persons registration is not complete in your council - talk to council

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Thanks - I was able to get th issue resolved for that individual. Now I am in the final step of recharter and it still states that I have the following items outstanding. I have assigned people on our roster to fix these corrections but the error persists. Any thoughts since are charter expires on 12/31!
Chartered Organization Rep. - Expected: 1 | Actual: 0

Committee Member and New Member Coordinator - Expected: 2 or more | Actual: 0

@RichardWerner you need Key 3, 2 committee members or one committee member and one NMC, the Den Leader or Assistant Scoutmaster (depending on unit type). Sounds like you are missing committee members and COR

also maybe click the refresh roster button