Trouble Adding Parent as a Leader / Advancement Chair

Hello Scoutbook folks! I am trying to provide administrative access to a parent to serve as our Advancement Chair. They have completed the registration process for Scoutbook but when I search for them, they cannot be found. I have even included their name, email address, AND Member ID when searching but still nothing. It is my understanding that a parent serving in this role isn’t required to complete the more formal training for a “Leader”. Assuming that is the case, how can I add them? Thank you!!!

It also appears that I might have two profiles? The picture that just came up is really, really old. Is there a way to combine them if that’s the case?

Mostly sounds like the application is not fully processed - does Key 3 see them in roster at What is the BSA #?

Wow! Talking about response time! Thank you Donovan! I’m the Cub Master and I see them in Scoutbook… although I’m not sure that’s the same thing. My apologies in advance; we’re bootstrapping things as we reboot. Her “Member ID” is 14135084, Pack 902 here Michigan.

@RobertRay1 is the official registered roster - not Scoutbook. Let me take a look

@RobertRay1 OK she is not a registered adult leader that I see - I few questions:
Has she filled out an adult leader application?
If so did your unit sign it and turn it into Council?

Note: Does look like you have a HUGE group of Wolf Scouts - Good Job

He hasn’t filled out an Adult Application. I thought I remember hearing that someone serving as an Advancement Chair, or some strictly clerical-type position, didn’t need to register formally as an Adult Leader. Am I incorrect? Or is there another route?

@RobertRay1 you are incorrect - they would usually be a committee member - ALL Adult leaders have to be officially registered leaders.

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Your District Executive can help you at Roundtable

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