Committee Chair can not change his email address in scoutbook

My committee chair can not seem to get his old email address out of Scoutbook. He has tried multiple times to change it, but nothing seems to work. Can someone help?

At a minimum you will need to provide a BSA membership ID.

Have they tried changing it in

Hi John. Th email address is correct in

Hi Bill. I have his BSA number and the correct email address. Should I post it here or send it directly to someone via email?

@Bill_W BSA number is 125346040. First name is Gordon. Email is the same as listed except no longer, it’s

OK - that email is attached to the sons account - the father has at least 3 accounts and the one with the BSA# is not connected to the son as a father - do you want me to clear the email from the son’s account?

Yes - you can clear that email from the son’s account. He got his eagle and aged out last year. (Son’s email is the letter p instead of g, but otherwise the same as dad’s gmail). Thank you for all your help.

@TeriLamprey ok that is cleaned up

Thank you so much @DonovanMcNeil. I can’t tell you how huge a help that is.

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